Do You Guys Make Arch Window Trim in PVC?

We often get asked the question whether or not we make custom arch trims to wrap the outside of full round, half round, or elliptical windows. And the answer to that is, YES! As you can imagine, making such a thing on site can be time consuming and error prone. With the proper dimensions and, […]

Does PVC Have To Be Painted?

There remains a concern among people using PVC for the first time that it will “yellow” over time if it does not get painted before installation. While, when PVC first hit the market, this was a valid concern, it is not the case anymore. All manufacturers have added what are known as “UV stabilizers” to […]

Introducing Fypon Timber & Stone

Fypon is the leading brand of no and low maintenance exterior trim products. The various accents that they make (which you can buy from us) ranges all the way from porch railing to functional louver vents. Many people, however, know Fypon only for their line of primed white products. Recently, Fypon has unveiled a new […]