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Why products are “Better than Wood”

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Shown below are two photos of gable decorations. The one on the left is wood. It had been up for two years at the time the photo was taken. It was installed and painted according to the manufacturers instructions. As you can see, it is rotting cracking, and peeling. The one on the right had been up for twelve years at the time it was posted on this website.

They are actually both on the same house, although on different gables. The owners installed gable decorations when the house was remodeled. The gable decoration still has only the original factory finish on it. It has required zero maintenance.

We hear from dozens of people who have put wood trim on their homes for various reasons. Some did not know that products like ours existed at the time they installed their trim. Others thought that the wood product would be cheaper, and never considered the long term cost of maintenance and/or replacement. Still others bought a house where an uninformed Builder used wood trim, and it was too late to do anything about it.

The common thread with all these homeowners is that they are now calling us to help them remedy their problem. If you are now, or soon, considering building or remodeling, you owe it to yourself to at least give our product a good look-see. This applies not only to gable decorations, but to any place that you can avoid using wood trim. Door surrounds, window surrounds, and especially porch columns and railings.

There are few household maintenance items that are more labor intensive and time consuming than scraping, repairing, and repainting these items. If you are a Builder, you owe it to your customer to provide them with the most economical to maintain dwelling that you are able to produce. I cringe when I see Builders using wood trim on any structure or application that could be built using maintenance-free products. I only hope that intelligent consumers today know that they never have to settle for maintenance laden wood on the exterior of any structure again.

There are some who believe that our trims are more expensive than wood trim. It may appear so on the surface, but here are some facts to consider: When you consider the labor involved in maintaining wood trim, if your time has any value, you will see that the slight amount more that our trim might cost,in some cases, is easily overshadowed in a very short amount of time. That is the difference between “cost” and “value”.

When most carpenters install wood trim, they are trying to get it up quick and move on to the next job. It should look “ pretty good”, but hey, its just outside trim. On the contrary, when we supply you with our products, you cannot help but see the difference in quality of construction. When we make a pattern and/or mold for our products, we realize that hundreds or thousands of parts will be produced. We literally spend days making sure every detail is just right, on the same type of product that most carpenters can only afford to spend an hour or two on. Our louver vents are an excellent example. Look at the detailing and notice that there are ZERO joints that could seperate or let water in and cause them to rot. Compare this to anybody’s wood product.

I hope you’ve enjoyed perusing through our website. If you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to call 1-866-466-3149 or email us at

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